Friday, April 15, 2011

LeoTechnosoft Launches a Unique Platform for Photojournalists

LeoTechnosoft, one of the leading IT service providers in India, has developed a unique first-of-its-kind platform for photojournalists to share their work and raise funds for upcoming projects. The portal has been developed using Liferay platform where photojournalists can submit projects for crowdfunding by the public. For its dependability, cost effectiveness and potential to support the development of innovative internet-based applications, Liferay portal is increasingly being used in industries across the globe to meet their most challenging information technology needs.

“Crowdfunding basically is kind of online fundraising and it has already proven successful in a number of fields, like music, film and grassroots development aid. However, the platform will provide crowdfunding facility to photojournalists for the first time ever. Now, individuals can complete projects they care about by pooling resources. And the best part is that photojournalists, with the help of this social communication portal, can directly communicate with the funders,” says Satyen Jain, CEO of Leo Technosoft.

Professional photojournalists need to send in a story proposal together with a detailed budget estimate, which will be reviewed and judged by board of advisors consisting of photography and journalism experts. Photographers whose projects are selected for funding through the portal keep the full rights and control over their images and the finished projects will be displayed on the homepage. Individuals can also make a contribution towards a project via Paypal.

Leo Technosoft created this unique social communication platform to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding sector of photojournalism. With the launch of the portal, photo journalists across the globe can share their work and generate funds for their upcoming projects.

About Leo Technosoft- Leo TechnoSoft is a hybrid Software Product Development Company based in India, US and UK. It empowers different organizations to attain cost effective product development in SaaS environment.
Leo Technosoft’s prime focus is on reducing ISV in-house product development expenses while delivering quality services. With a global presence with offices in India, USA and UK, Leo TechnoSoft is armed to meet client’s needs regardless of their location. This has made the organization a preferred partner-of-choice for small and medium sized companies looking for on-time delivery and high quality product development solutions.

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